9 April 2012

Nottinghamshire County Council Community Archaeology

The county council's community archaeology team, supported by local volunteers, has spent another fortnight at Kirkby Hardwick in an attempt to better understand the development of this intriguing site. Photographs of this year's excavation can be viewed on Facebook.

Other recent projects have included a geophysical survey of Willoughby deserted medieval settlement (near Norwell) and Moor Pond Wood at Papplewick.

For more information on their work see:
One of the archaeologists, Andy Gaunt, is responsible for the History and Archaeology of Medieval Sherwood Forest website ("a website dedicated to the archaeology and history of Medieval Sherwood Forest; its landscape and people, the dreaded forest law, Robin Hood, and Outlaws and Villains.") - well worth a visit!

6 April 2012

Time Team at King John's Palace, Kings Clipstone

It took a while to confirm the details but it appears the Time Team programme on their work at King John's Palace, a royal hunting lodge in Sherwood Forest, is being broadcast at 16.05 on Easter Sunday (8th April).

This will be Time Team's first ever visit to Nottinghamshire in 19 years. They took their time!