14 August 2012

Wollaton Dovecote Museum open 8-9 September 2012

Wollaton Dovecote Museum (built in the late 16th century) will be open during Heritage Weekend, Saturday 8th to Sunday 9th September, 2-5pm. The museum is located on Dovecote Drive, off Bramcote Lane, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 2NB.
"Photographs of Lord Middleton's visit in May will be displayed, and the original door will be open to show the interesting brickwork on the side of the building not normally accessible to the public. Displays this year include The People of Wollaton, a History of the Willoughby Family Through 700 years, a poster about the Wollaton Antiphonal, and more old photographs from the Russell School. Andrew Hamilton will lead a guided walk around the village on Sunday afternoon starting at the Dovecote at 3.00pm lasting around 45 minutes, refreshments provided. Admission free."

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