28 May 2017

Latest edition of the Transactions of the Thoroton Society published

The latest edition of the Transactions of the Thoroton Society has been published. Ordering information is available on the Thoroton Society website.

Table of contents:
  • Archaeology in Nottinghamshire 2016 by Chris King
  • The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Nottinghamshire 2016 by Alastair Willis (with contributions by Richard Davies)
  • The Newark Iron Age Torc by Rachel Atherton (kindly supported by the Vernon Radcliffe bequest)
  • The use of gypsum plaster and lime-ash for flooring in medieval east Midlands: evidence from Bingham, Nottinghamshire by Peter Allen and Anthony Cooper
  • Landscape surveys at Kelham, Nottinghamshire by Matthew Beresford
  • 'By floating and watering such land as lieth capable thereof: recovering meadow irrigation in Nottinghamshire by Jonathan Hillman and Hadrian Cook
  • The Northward Expansion of the Boundary of Sherwood Forest in the Sixteenth Century by David Crook
  • The dating of the completion of the composition of the Memoirs of Colonel John Hutchinson: the evidence of the imprisonments of Captain John Wright and Lieutenant Richard Franck, by P.R. Seddon
  • Victorian Gardening, Horticulture and Arboriculture in the Midlands: John Frederick Wood (1806-1865) of Nottingham and the Midland Florist and Suburban Horticulturist by Christine Drew and Paul Elliott
  • Mapping the Robin Hood Rifles in Mid-Nineteenth Century Nottingham by Lucie Sutherland
  • The Nottingham Exhibition of 1903-1904: An amusement Park by Keith Fisher
  • Nursing the wounded in the First World War: the Nottinghamshire VAD hospitals, by Jill Oakland
  • The Scientific Community in Nottingham: Bromley House to the University College by John Beckett

4 May 2017

Archaeology talks at St Martin's church, Bilborough, in May 2017

Posters for two archaeology talks at St Martin's church in Bilborough this month: