20 June 2012

News from Nottinghamshire Archives

Nottinghamshire Archives (along with the County Council, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham University and  Nottinghamshire Local History Association) is running a conference called 'Make History Happen!' on Wednesday 18 July 2012, 10am - 4.30pm. The event is intended for 16-21 year-olds interested in heritage:
A new online exhibition is now available on the history of Southwell Chapter. Of particular interest are the documents relating to cases before the Chapter Court; for example, in 1683 John and Jane Beckit were summoned before the court for fornication (prior to their marriage) and excommunicated. However, they declared penance in 1684 in order that their second son could be baptised in church.
A talk on Nottinghamshire’s Sporting Heritage will take place on 10 July at 2.30pm. See the Events page for further information:

4 June 2012

Newark gets Heritage Lottery funding for Civil War centre

Newark has been successful in securing £3.5 million of Heritage Lottery funding for a national English Civil War centre to be based in the Old Magnus Buildings in Appletongate. The whole project has been costed at £5.4 million and the local council is now looking to other funding bodies to make up the shortfall.