29 October 2014

'Under the Music Hall' film being shot in Nottingham

Ellie Wake has sent me details of a film she will be directing in Nottingham next month:
'This November I will be directing a film called ‘Under the Music Hall’ in one of Nottingham’s underground caves, based under the Malt Cross CafĂ© bar in Nottingham’s city centre. The Malt Cross is an old Victorian Music Hall, one of the best preserved in the country, and the film focuses on the history of the building and the cave which lies beneath it. The story follows a local girl who investigates the cave and encounters characters from its history. The main periods addressed will be, the time of the Carmelite Monks, The Victorian Music Hall era, and the bombing of Nottingham during WWII in 1941. Our aims with this film are to both raise awareness of Nottingham’s underground cave system, as well as sharing some of its rich heritage through the historical stories portrayed.
The film is also to run alongside a community project which will work directly with the public to collect their experiences of Nottingham’s caves, as well as collecting stories from the past to be compiled as resources to the users of the website. We aim to work with local historians and other volunteers to do this. Our objective with this side of the project is to not only present a useful source of information, but also to provide a means through which locals and visitors can share their experiences with a wider audience, whilst developing a much closer level of personal involvement and interaction with the wide array of historical subject matter involved.'
The film-makers are currently in pre-production and are seeking to raise the funds needed to shoot the film through crowd-funding website IndieGoGo.

14 October 2014

Special offer on 'A City of Light: Socialism, Chartism and Co-operation - Nottingham 1844'

Christopher Richardson, author of 'A City of Light: Socialism, Chartism and Co-operation - Nottingham 1844' has been in touch to say that he has 'recently refurbished and improved the web site for my book, with new information on people and places I wrote about and some additional illustrations.'

There is also a 'seasonal special offer' on the opening blog: £7.99 incl. p&p, signed and gift wrapped, and a donation to a local history society. Visit acityoflight.wordpress.com/ for further information.

2 October 2014

Day school on life on the 'Home Front' in Nottinghamshire during the First World War, 25 October 2014

A joint Thoroton Society/Nottinghamshire Local History Association day school will be taking place on the 25 October at Ravenshead Village Hall.

The subject is life on the home front in Nottinghamshire during the First World War.

Further details and a booking form are available on the NLHA website.