11 February 2009

Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway website redesign

I've been spending the last couple of months re-designing the Nottinghamshire Heritage Gateway website. It has spent most of its life as a 'micro-site' of the Thoroton Society website but the team felt it was about time it got its own distinctive identity and a separate domain name.

The website provides a guide to the heritage resources of the county, and a history of Nottinghamshire featuring the latest research. The information on the Gateway website is arranged in a series of research pathways, organised into the following groups: places, people, themes and events. The pathways provide users with a brief overview of a subject area and a list of key resources for further research, arranged by type of source material.

The latest item on the website is a guide to researching the coal industry in Nottinghamshire. Others in the pipeline are: Poverty, the poor and workhouses; Worksop and The Boer War.

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