22 October 2010

Nottingham University Local History Seminars 2010-11

Nottingham University's School of History is running a series of Saturday Local History Seminars this autumn/winter. They start at 10am and admission costs £5. The programme is as follows:
  • 9th October 2010 - Prof J V Beckett: The state of local history today
  • 13th November 2010 - Sue Clayton: Counters and conflicts? Village shops c.1880-1954
  • 11th December 2010 - Dr Kate Holland: The forgotten world of the choir-band
  • 12th March 2011 - Prof David Hey: Surnames, DNA and family history
Further information is available on the School of History website.

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Priories Historical Society said...

Hi from the north of the county :)

Do you want to publish our events on your blog? We'd be most grateful. Our blog is at: http://priorieshistoricalsociety.blogspot.com/
Dave C