24 March 2011

New Nottinghamshire community history website

The 'Our Nottinghamshire' website has been launched with the aim of encouraging people to add their memories, stories, photographs and comments on Nottinghamshire.
The website is available at  http://www.ournottinghamshire.org.uk/


meadows boy said...

Great blog!

With reference to your Time Team post.
I think they may be at King's Clipstone, noticed a marquee and JCB last night at KIng John's Palace/Hunting Lodge. This morning there was a little yellow sign with 'T T' on it!
Perhaps they are finally coming to Notts.

meadows boy said...

Definately Time Team to be broadcast autumn or spring 2012!

Andy Nicholson said...


Thanks for letting me know - this is great news! Please let me know if you spot anything else of interest.