25 June 2011

CBA Festival of British Archaeology 2011: 16th - 31st July.

The Council for British Archaeology is holding another national Festival of British Archaeology next month.

The Festival "showcases the very best of British archaeology, by presenting hundreds of special events organised and held by museums, local societies, national and countryside parks, universities, and heritage organisations across the UK" and offers "everyone the opportunity to learn about their local heritage, to see archaeology in action, and to get involved."

Events in Nottinghamshire include:
  • Moor Pond Wood Project in Papplewick (Excavation and exploration of an 18th-century water system designed to serve cotton mills along the River Leen).
  • A display at Mansfield Museum of 12th century pottery found last year in Skegby
  • Iron Age roundhouse open day (Calverton)
  • Pageant at King John's Palace, Kings Clipstone (includes display of some of the results of Time Team's excavation a couple of months ago)
  • Guided walks to the Queen's Sconce, an English Civil War defensive work south of Newark
  • A display by Priories Historical Society at Worksop Library of finds from recent archaeological work and Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire local history
  •  Behind-the-scenes tours of Nottingham City Museums & Galleries
  • Living history and family-oriented activities with Nottinghamshire County Council's Community Archaeologists at Riverside Park, Newark

Further information is available on the CBA Festival of Archaeology website.

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Priories Historical Society said...

We're doing an exhibition for the festival at Worksop Library on the 16th and 17th of July.

It's the first time we've attempted to do a major event like this so hopefully it will go well! :)