19 December 2011

The latest from Nottinghamshire Archives

Two new publications from Nottinghamshire County Council's Libraries, Archives and Information department offer a bit of a contrast:
  • A Grisly History of Nottinghamshire is aimed at children and "reveals the gory details of the bloody and gruesome history of Nottinghamshire" - sounds fun!
  • Stone Age Nottinghamshire, written by David Budge and Chris Robinson, is a well illustrated guide to the archaeology of Stone Age Nottinghamshire and includes the recent discoveries from Creswell Crags caves 
Nottinghamshire Archives is also offering free 15-minute 'taster sessions' to introduce new users to the search room (how to use the microfiche machines, finding your way around the catalogues and indexes etc). You can also take part in one of the 'special interest' topics on offer:
  • Cemetery records
  • Electoral registers
  • Building plans
  • Maps
  • Poor law records.
More information is available on the Nottinghamshire Archives website.

1 comment:

Kay Terry said...

The archive of the Nottinghamshire stone age would be very interesting for me. I am not an archaeologist to say that Nottinghamshire contains various hints from early civilizations of early people but the beauty itself says that it's history brought it's beauty. So it's stone age moments would be very fascinating to learn.