29 January 2012

King John's Palace at Kings Clipstone on Time Team

The new series of Channel 4's Time Team has just started and the episode devoted to the excavation of the medieval royal palace and hunting lodge at Kings Clipstone will air on 1st April. At long last the programme has   made it to darkest Nottinghamshire - it's only taken 19 years!

While we wait with eager anticipation there are some nice photos of the dig on the Nottingham University website and a report and photos on the Mansfield Chad site.


Priories Historical Society said...

According to C4 website this Sundays is "A family of Somerset farmers invite Tony and the Team to answer a question that's been puzzling them for generations: was there ever a castle on top of the hill they call Castle Hill?" and 8th isn't ours either - any ideas? It's not featured in any of the series listings either :(

sbo said...