11 May 2012

Transactions of the Thoroton Society, Volume 115 (2011)

The latest Transactions of the county historical society has just been published. Contents include:
  • Settlement Patterns in The Parish Of Bingham, Nottinghamshire from the Mesolithic to Modern Times by Peter Allen 
  • Bothamsall Castle, Nottinghamshire an Archaeological and Historical Landscape Analysis by Andy Gaunt and James Wright 
  • The Nottinghamshire History Lecture 2011: Trent Bridge School Nottingham 1909-1919: a decade of loyalty, service and endurance by David Nunn 
  • 'It's not what you know...' Patronage in eighteenth and nineteenth century Nottinghamshire. Introduction to Patronage essays by Richard Gaunt 
  • Patronage and power in eighteenth century Newark by Stanley Chapman 
  • The eighteenth century country attorney: Professionalism and Patronage. The Hodgkinsons of Southwell by Michael J. Kirton 
  • Church and class patronage in Nottinghamshire in the nineteenth century by Michael Austin 
  • Keeping it in the family: political patronage in early nineteenth century Nottinghamshire by Richard Gaunt 
  • Samuel Barker: the Duke of Newcastle's head gardener at Clumber, 1899-1935 by Philip Jones 
  • The Building Works of William, 4th Lord Byron, at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire 1700-1736 by Rosalys Coope
Further information and ordering details are available on the Thoroton Society website.

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